Elvis Sings Harmony CD

By: Elvis Australia
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April 18, 2019

Elvis' love for singing harmony has its roots in his love for gospel choirs. It is absolutely common and even necessary to be able to sing harmony when you do gospel songs, unless you are always on lead vocals. From the very early stages of his career the 'King' never really needed to do any harmony part. He had his beloved 'Jordanaires' with him who did a great job all of the time. Later on there were plenty of other background singers who always could do the job (and did it of course) absolutely fantastic! Maybe Elvis chose to do his own harmony in the recording studio on a couple of songs because he COULD do it (and very well for sure). Maybe he got the idea from his own 'home recordings' which we know quite a few of (as early as 1958)? One thing is clear: First you have to have the ability to do it. There have been many singers in show business who have NOT been able to do their own harmony because they simply did not know how to do it (you've got to have an 'ear' for that)! Elvis did a great job on all of the songs you hear on this brand new CD, there's no doubt. The one which is best known is certainly the legendary 1969 recording 'Suspicious Minds'. But there sure is much more to explore on 'Elvis Sings The Harmony' CD!

All tracks used for this project were taken from best possible sources available to date. Many of songs were individually restored and corrected and some are previously unreleased on CD. This unique release is presented in a de-luxe six-panel digipack with many unusual photos.

Elvis Sings Harmony CD.


01. I'm Yours
02. Could I Fall In Love (harmony vocal overdub)
03. Singing Tree (remake with harmony vocals)
04. Gentle On My Mind (different mix)
05. Don't Cry Daddy (taken from acetate)
06. Mama Liked The Roses (harmony vocal overdub)
07. Suspicious Minds (master take without fade)
08. True Love Travels On A Gravel Road
09. Power Of My Love
10. Do You Know Who I Am
11. Bridge Over Troubled Water (master without overdubbed applause)
12. There Goes My Everything
13. Snowbird (take 6)
14. Miracle Of The Rosary
15. Separate Ways
16. For The Good Times (harmony vocal overdub)
17. It's Midnight
18. Promised Land (take 6)
19. T-R-O-U-B-L-E (harmony vocal overdub)

Bonus tracks:

20. Could I Fall In Love (harmony vocal)
21. Don't Cry Daddy (master take 3 with vocal overdub)
22. Mama Liked The Roses (different harmony vocal)
23. Suspicious Minds (isolated harmony vocals only)
24. Power Of My Love (harmony vocal version)
25. Do You Know Who I Am (harmony vocal version)
26. Bridge Over Troubled Water (stereo version with vocal repair and harmony vocal overdub)
27. Promised Land ('This Is Elvis' edit)

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