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Elvis Is Back! : The Alternate Album 2 CD Set

By: Elvis Australia
Source: www.elvis.com.au
June 28, 2013
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With this double CD release, Elvis Is Back! : The Alternate Album we focused not just on alternate takes for the sake of them but rather we carefully selected good performances first and foremost and importantly a selection that 'felt' like they belonged together, an album, songs that were consistent with the preceding track, for a very listenable experience. While we looked for and found so many interesting tracks with variations of Elvis talking, laughing etc which is where so much fun is found, it was never at the expense of quality, as in quality sound, and a good performance, nor ever allowed to get repetitive. We went by 'feel' and as it turned out only one track needed replacing with another take as it did not feel right on our final listen.

Interesting also is that while it was not planned when the final track selection is viewed we see there are many first and second takes, which basically shows that we were very consistent with having the tracks sound as if they are meant to follow each other, and once again testament to how freakishly Elvis Presley was in managing to nail his recordings on the first 'official' run through, only needing further takes for the benefit of perfection.

But just as Sam Phillips went for 'feel', and valued that over perfection, [take 'Mystery Train' for example with Elvis' laugh at the end as he thought he had fluffed the last line, but to Sam this was 'it'. And how right he was] So with this release we present to you not only Elvis at the peak of his vocal powers, with arguably the best sound quality of any of his recording sessions, we present a listening experience that is never allowed to get repetitive while providing a view of Elvis in the studio, and a genuine alternative album to not only Elvis Is Back! but Something For Everybody. And to complete the picture new artwork that we trust you will enjoy.

Elvis Is Back!

  1. Make Me Know It (Take 18, edit)
  2. Fever (Takes 2,3)
  3. Girl Of My Best Friend (Take 3)
  4. I Will Be Home Again (Master)
  5. Dirty, Dirty Feeling (Take 1)
  6. Thrill Of Your Love (Takes 1,2)
  7. Soldier Boy (Takes 9,10)
  8. Such A Night (Takes 2,3,4,5)
  9. It Feels So Right (Take 2)
  10. Girl Next Door Went A'Walking (Takes 1,2,3)
  11. Like A Baby (Take 2)
  12. Reconsider Baby (Master)
  13. Stuck On You (Take 1)
  14. Fame And Fortune (Take 2)
  15. It's Now or Never (Take 2)
  16. A Mess Of Blues (Take 1)
  17. Are You Lonesome Tonight (Takes 4, 3, 1-2)
  18. I Gotta Know (Take 1)
  19. Surrender (Take 1)

Something For Everybody

  1. There's Always Me (Takes 5-9)
  2. Give Me The Right (Takes 3,2)
  3. It's A Sin (Takes 1-2)
  4. Sentimental Me (Take 1)
  5. Starting Today (Take 1)
  6. Gentry (Take 4)
  7. I'm Coming Home (Takes 1,3)
  8. In Your Arms (Take 1)
  9. Put The Blame On Me (Takes 1, 2)
  10. Judy (Takes 5-7)
  11. I Want You With Me (Take 1)
  12. I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell (lower key version)
  13. I Feel So Bad (Take 1)
  14. His Latest Flame (Takes 10-12)
  15. Little Sister (Take 3)
  16. Good Luck Charm (Take 1)
  17. Anything That's Part Of You (Takes 4,5)

Elvis Is Back! : The Alternate Album 2 CD Set.
Elvis Is Back! : The Alternate Album 2 CD Set : The Front Cover & CD 1 disc.

Elvis Is Back! : The Alternate Album 2 CD Set.
Elvis Is Back! : The Alternate Album 2 CD Set : The Back Cover.

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