Behind Closed Doors | 2 CD's | 10 INCH record | 45 RPM record

By: Elvis Australia
February 3, 2018

Behind Closed Doors | Hepcat SP-001

After the success of 'The Alternate Moody blue' & 'The Alternate Today' Hepcat records releases 'Behind Closed Doors' in it's newly launched special products series. Behind Closed Doors has always been a fan favorite, the beautiful lp box set issued by the AUDIFÖN label in 1979 was a groundbreaking release. Most material was unreleased and the quality was pretty good.

HEPCAT started this project after locating some of the original acetates & a (partly usable) tape used to create the original lp masters. After a short investigation we realized this set deserved a proper re-release. Especially with the acetates & tape in hand! Obviously during the years a lot of material was issued officially in the right quality but also some of the tracks are not yet available on other releases or in the form as presented on the original boxset. (Besides a terrible sounding cd release in the 90's).

For example STEPPIN' OUT OF LINE take 19 & 8 which were only released as a spliced version. On this set you will find the proper versions, in an awesome quality. The outtakes of the TAG for DRUMS OF THE ISLANDS are another example of beautiful quality on this set. Same counts for WILD IN THE COUNTRY / BEACH BOY BLUES take 1 & 3 and so on. This set offers too much to mention and will sure bring back some memories.

Also for the 70's lovers there is enough to enjoy on this set, for example the SUSPICIOUS MINDS spliced live version and POLK SALAD ANNIE from February 16, 1970 are presented here in a quality as never before. Also the extended version of DON'T THINK TWICE, IT'S ALL RIGHT is in a quality you will certainly enjoy. For IT'S YOUR BABY YOU ROCK IT it was mostly thought that the undubbed master on the original lp box was skipping, actually it was a bad edited version as it appeared on the tape, a better source was not available at the time and still is not available. We decided to put the edited version the way it was presented on the tape & original lp box as it is still way better than the second acetate source, which is also presented as a bonus track. Die hard vinyl spinners might even be able to sing along with the edited version.

All tracks are digitally remastered and speed corrected where necessary.

Now for the first time this legendary LP boxset is re-released in this beautiful 10 inch sized boxset. Containing 2 CD's, a 10 INCH record and a bonus 45 RPM record containing GENTLE ON MY MIND (vocal repaired undubbed master) & TOMORROW NEVER COMES (take 11).

Only available in red vinyl.

Behind Closed Doors | 2 CD's | 10 INCH record | 45 RPM record.
Behind Closed Doors | 2 CD's | 10 INCH record | 45 RPM record.


10 Inch

Side A

Lonely Man (Solo Take 1)
In My Way (Take 1)
Moonlight Swim (Take 2)
King Of The Whole Wide World (Take 31)
Home Is Where The Heart Is (Take 7)
I Got Lucky (Mx5 Take 2)

Side B

Faded Love (Alternate Master / Take 3)
Don't Cry Daddy (Live February 17, 1970 Midnight Show)
Kentucky Rain (Live February 17, 1970 Midnight Show)
Funny How Time Slips Away (Unedited Undubbed Master)

Compact Disc 1

01. Lonely Man - Solo Take 1
02. I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell - Take 14 & 15
03. I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell - Take 16
04. Wild In The Country - Take 1
05. Wild In The Country - Take 15 & 16
06. In My Way - Take 1
07. Forget Me Never - Take 1 & 2
08. Hawaiian Wedding Song - Take 1
09. Island Of Love - Take 5,7 & 8
10. Steppin‘ Out Of Line - Take 19
11. Steppin‘ Out Of Line - Take 8
12. Almost Always True - Take 4 & 5
13. Moonlight Swim - Take 1
14. Moonlight Swim - Take 2
15. Can't Help Falling In Love - Take 20-22 & 24
16. Beach Boy Blues - Take 1 & 3 (Mono)
17. King Of The Whole Wide World - Take 31
18. This Is Living - Take 3
19. Home Is Where The Heart Is - Take 7
20. I Got Lucky - Mx5 Take 2
21. A Whistling Tune - Take 3-7
22. Drums Of The Islands - A1v Take 1-3
23. This Is My Heaven - Fov Take 3
24. Swing Down Sweet Chariot - Movie Version Undubbed Master Take 10
25. Almost - Movie Version Undubbed Master Take 31
26. Signs Of The Zodiac - Master Take 9
27. The Whiffenpoof Song / Violet

Compact Disc 2

01. Gentle On My Mind - Master
02. Faded Love - Alternate Master / Take 3
03. I Got A Woman - Live August 26 1969 Dinner Show
04. Suspicious Minds - Spliced Live Version August 22 1969

Dinner Show & Unknown Live Version

05. Don't Cry Daddy - February 17 1970 Midnight Show
06. Kentucky Rain - February 17 1970 Midnight Show
07. Polk Salad Annie - February 16 1970 Midnight Show
08. It's Your Baby, You Rock It - Undubbed Master Take 5 - Lp Version
09. Tomorrow Never Comes - Composite Master
10. Funny How Time Slips Away - Unedited Undubbed Master
11. I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water - Unedited Undubbed Master
12. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face - Duet With Ginger Holladay - Take 12
13. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right - Extended Version


14. Island Of Love - Take 7 & 8 - Stereo
15. Beach Boy Blues - Take 3 - Stereo
16. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right - Full Version - May 16/17 1971
17. It's Your Baby, You Rock It - Undubbed Master Take 5

45 Rpm:

Side A

Gentle On My Mind - Vocal Repaired Undubbed Master

Side B

Tomorrow Never Comes - Take 11

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