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Welcome To The Jungle : Solitaire CD

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July 1, 2010 - 11:03:51 AM
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Venus Productions will soon release a new CD, carrying you back in time, right into Elvis' den, known to everyone as the Jungle Room. Welcome To The Jungle - Solitaire will be released in a very limited quantity. 

Welcome To The Jungle - Solitaire is a wonderful compilation of released and unreleased tracks recorded in February 1976. ' There was a man, a lonely man....' is certainly a line the rock singer had on his mind during those early February winter nights behind Graceland's walls, and he felt Neil Sedaka's song could work very well for him. On this CD you can hear the progress from the very first take through the master take.

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Welcome To The Jungle - Solitaire CD

The following night Elvis seemed to enjoy himself while recording what would become the title of his very last album. The song Moody Blue had a very modern sound for early 1976, very disco-like and it had a fair amount of air play all over the USA in late 1976 and early 1977. Elvis is clearly having fun recording this number, yet he ignored to include it into his live appearances, excepted for a brief attempt on February 20, 1977 and finally had a go at it the next night for his first and only performance .

The excellent sound quality will bring you right into the action that happened in the jungle room when those songs were being recorded. The CD will be presented to you in a standard jewel case, completed with a beautiful 16 page booklet. This is a great follow-up to Christmas Today so don't miss it and get your order in today!!! Welcome To The Jungle - Solitaire will be released in a very limited quantity.

Track list

1- Solitaire (Take 1) 2:28 ; 2- Solitaire (Take 2) 2:06 ; 3- Solitaire (Take 3) 4:47 ; 4- Solitaire (Takes 6-7) 5:21 ; 5- Solitaire (Take 8) 4:39 ; 6- Solitaire (Takes 9-10) 0:58 ; 7- Solitaire (Undubbed master) 4:37 ; 8- Solitaire (Different mix) 4:43 ; 9- Solitaire (Master) 4:43 ; 10- Moody Blue (Take 3) 3:46 ; 11- Moody Blue (Take 4) 3:30 ; 12- Moody Blue (Take 5) 4:01 ; 13- Moody Blue (Take 6) 4:12 ; 14- Moody Blue (Take 7) 1:33 ; 15- Moody Blue (Takes 8-9) 0:58 ; 16- Moody Blue (Undubbed master) 3:57 ; 17- Moody Blue (Master) 2:54

Elvis Presley Video Tupelo's Own Elvis Presley DVD

Tupelo's Own Elvis Presley DVD + 16 page booklet.

Never before have we seen an Elvis Presley concert from the 1950's with sound. Until Now! The DVD Contains recently discovered unreleased film of Elvis performing 6 songs, including Heartbreak Hotel and Don't Be Cruel, live in Tupelo Mississippi 1956. Included we see a live performance of the elusive Long Tall Sally seen here for the first time ever.

This is an excellent release no fan should be without it.

The 'parade' footage is good to see as it puts you in the right context with color and b&w footage. The interviews of Elvis' Parents are well worth hearing too. The afternoon show footage is wonderful and electrifying : Here is Elvis in his prime rocking and rolling in front of 11.000 people. Highly recommended.